goXP App Plan B – Aesthetic Dentistry / Endodontics/ Implantology Courses

goXP Plan B includes aesthetic dentistry / advanced endodontics / Basic implantology courses

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Plan B is divided into 3 sub categories:

  1. Plan B1- Aesthetic Dentistry Course
  2. Plan B2 – Advanced Endodontics Course
  3. Plan B3 – Basic Implantology Course

Topics to be covered under Plan B1 – Aesthetic Dentistry Course:

  1. Aesthetic Dentistry Composites
  2. Aesthetic Dentistry Ceramics
  3. Aesthetic Dentistry Allied Procedures
  4. Perio Aesthetics
  5. Materials in Aesthetic Dentistry
  6. Aesthetics Photography
  7. Aesthetics Practice Management
  8. Interesting Stuff / Guest Sessions

Topics to be covered under Plan B2 – Advanced Endodontics Course:

  1. Advanced Endodontics
  2. Advanced Pedodontics
  3. Advanced Radiology
  4. Materials in Endodontics
  5. Endo Related Photography
  6. Practise Management
  7. Interesting Stuff / Guest Sessions

Topics to be covered under goXP Plan B3 – Basic Implantology Course:

  1. Implant Dentistry Beginner level
  2. Implant Prostho Aspect
  3. Implant Surgical Aspect
  4. Implant Perio Aspect
  5. Implant Radiology
  6. Implant Photography
  7. Implant Practise Management
  8. Interesting Stuff / Guest Sessions

Top Dental Speakers under one banner:

  1. Dr. Varsha Rao (Speaker Profile)
  2. Dr. Amit Lall (Speaker Profile)
  3. Dr. Dhruv Arora (Speaker Profile)
  4. Dr. Ajit Shaligram (Speaker Profile)
  5. Dr. Parag Kerkar (Speaker Profile)
  6. Dr. Manav Kalra (Speaker Profile)
  7. Dr. Aashutosh Karnik (Speaker Profile)
  8. Dr. Shrey Dhawan (Speaker Profile)
  9. Dr. Akash Akinwar (Speaker Profile)
  10. Dr. Vivek Gaurav (Speaker Profile)
  11. Dr. Sumit Goel (Speaker Profile)
  12. Dr. Kunwarjeet (Speaker Profile)
  13. Dr. Varun Pruthi (Speaker Profile)
  14. Dr. Preeti Jain Pruthi (Speaker Profile)
  15. Dr. Sagar Garg (Speaker Profile)
  16. Dr. Sapna Arora (Speaker Profile)

Why goXP App is a unique way of Learning Dentistry?

Features of GoXP App

  • 24×7 availability of valuable content which can be accessed anywhere, anytime – Recorded as well as live lectures, notes, books, articles
  • Availability of Best of Mentors all under one roof
  • Learn what Mentors teach in their full courses.
  • Content can be revisited again for better understanding
  • Chat Room same like WhatsApp for Discussion of Cases
  • Quiz / Test
  • Approx 2/3 rd of any Clinical based Course is always teaching through lectures, ppts, images, demo videos (of models and patients), and all that we are bringing on goXP Dentistry on App
  • Saves a lot of time as the lectures can be attended from your home without the need to travel anywhere.

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