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By Dr. Shruti Maroo Rathi

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The rise of the internet has given birth to the method of communication we now recognize as emoticons/emojis. Emoticons are the font-based representation of human faces, like 🙂 and emoji is their graphical counterparts.

Did you know: In total, over 92% of the internet population communicates with emoji. Various brands like dominoes, Sephora, taco bell, and even movies (Deadpool) have incorporated emojis in their advertisement banners. So why can’t we use it in our Dental Practices? Believe me, using emojis can have a huge impact on your relationship with your patients and in turn on your dental practices.

On the occasion of World Emoji Day, WikiDentz brings a short emoji guide for dental clinics:

How to use emojis in routine dental practices?

1) Wrap up the conversation with this smiling Emoji ????

Mr. B: Thank you so much for the reminder. I will be there at 3 for cleaning!
Dr. S : Great! We will see you then ????

2) Always make your patient feel that you enjoy their sense of humor! ????

Mr. C. Thank you for the painless extraction that you did for my son! At least, today I don’t have to stop him from eating ice cream!  
Dr. D: ???? Please take good care! Let us know if you have any questions!

3) Don’t forget to appreciate your patients for being cooperative throughout the procedure ????

Mr. A: Thank you doc, for such amazing treatment! I will definitely refer your name to others.
Dr. D Thank you Mr. D! It’s always wonderful to have a ???? patient like you.

4) Smile with glasses ????

Mr. N: I am so loving my new smile .. thank you for the veneers; cant wait to flaunt it at office tom
Dr. S: I am glad that you like your new smile! Don’t forget the ????

5) Express your concern towards your patient ????

Mr S. Hi, Smile Dental? Is Dr. Shweta available? I think my tooth fractured.

Dr. D: So sorry to hear that. ???? Can you come at 12pm?

6) Show off your customer service responsiveness with this emoji ????

Mr. E: Hey! I would like to know if I can make the payment through PayTM wallet
Front Office Personal: ???? Let me check with the doc and will get back to you

7) Informal way to say hello to your patients while sending them a text message ????

Mr. A: Hi! I would like to have an appointment with you today for my daughter for cleaning.  
Dr. D: Hi there! ???? Can you please come at 11 am?

8) Acknowledge a patient’s message/for confirmation  with a Thumbs up

Mr. A: Hi! Just wanted to confirm my appointment for 6pm today
Dr. S: ???? See you soon

9) Replacing certain quick responses and feelings with some basic characters

Mr C: Hey doc! Can I have an appointment for tomorrow instead of today?
Dr. D: Pls ???? the reception reschedule your appointment

10) Win patients’ hearts by reminding them to prep their trip according to weather conditions. ☂☔????

Mrs K: Can I please come in the evening for a check-up? What time can I come?  
Dr. S: Please come at 6 pm and don’t forget an ???? as it looks like its goin to rain heavily here.

11) Clapping hands: Appreciating patients who diligently follow the follow up instructions goes a long way! ????

Mrs. T : Hey Doc! Just wanted to inform you that my daughter is feeling much better after the treatment and now she is even brushing twice daily.
Dr. D: that is great, Mr. T ????

12) You can always ask your patients to move faster if they are late for an appointment.

Mr G: Hi doc! I forgot my spectacles in your clinic. Can I please come now?
Dr. D: Sure! Please, ????‍♂️! We close at 9

These are just few examples where you can use them to show off your ace game in texting! T=You can easily

Rules of Using Emojis in Daily Dental Practice

1) Emojis are fun, light-hearted way of conveying a broad range of emotions efficiently and in a way that words sometimes can’t. Research shows that the use of emojis in dental clinics can actually make the dentist appear more friendly and competent. It can even leave a positive impact, especially on young patients. But it should always be used in moderation. Using too many emoji’s can will obviously make you look unprofessional.

2) Use emoji’s that leaves no room for misinterpretation. Clarity is key and should be preferred over cool. Do not use emojis that can be offensive to the patients.

Another example is the ‘wink’ emoji ????. People agree that it’s positive, but that still leaves room for misinterpretation. Some people use it to signal their friendliness, while others use it to indicate irony or a double meaning. Other emojis such as ???? ???????? ???? ???? should not be used.

3) Emoji’s help set a tone of the conversation but avoid using it when conversations turn serious.

For example: in a follow-up text after a basic dental hygiene appointment, or patients thanking you for the treatment, something like this would be fine. Using them in surgical follow ups may be taken in a wrong way as patients may be in pain.

4)Do not convey any sense of anger, frustration or sarcasm in your messages. It is not possible to interpret body language on text and there is no opportunity to smooth things over as it can be done in person

5)When possible, retain and archive all text communications with patients so that they can be retrieved, if needed.

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