Funny & Secretive Acronyms for Daily Dental Office Use

By Dr. Shruti Rathi

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We use acronyms when we are texting on our phones, right? “LOL”, “TTYL” etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have secret dental acronyms that you can share with staff at your dental office too? 

Using acronyms gives us an opportunity to communicate with our assistants as well as fellow colleagues openly, yet secretively in front of our patients and also speeds up the conversation 😉

Here are few examples that I could think of:-

SBAFIT: Shoot! Broke A File In Tooth!
DPF: Darn! Perforated the Sinus!
COSI: Call Oral Surgeon, IMMEDIATELY!!!
COL: Crying Out Loud
HMTC: How Much To Charge?
LWNHLTP: Lab Work Not Here, Lie To Patient
IHD: I Hate Doing Dentures
WWWY: Whats Wrong With You?
INGW: I Need a Glass of Wine
ISHDMI: I Should Have Done MBA Instead
PAFMR: Patient Asking For Money Refund
SMAY: Staff Mad At You!
INB: I Need a Break!
LOP: Lawyer On Phone!

I Know, there is so much more to this list! Lol!! 😀

lab case not here, lie to the patient

As dentists, we often are so occupied with meeting deadlines, patient expectations, communicating with lab, making profits, that we forget the fact that work and fun are not antonyms. It is so important to have fun at work. Anything you enjoy, you’re naturally going to do a better job with and give more of yourself to it. Moreover, it also helps us to communicate messages effectively, build camaraderie, and encourage creativity for a better workplace and bigger profits.

While everyone makes gaffe, and everyone has their mood meters, the benefits of leading your practice with levity cannot be understated!!

To conclude:

‘It pays to lighten up’

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  1. Swati

    I loved it..!!

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    too good!!

  3. shreyas

    haha..funny! never thought of that before!

  4. macromaccaroni

    Years ago, I worked as a contractor Dental Assistant and worked with an Army dentist. He would look at panos and call out caries that needed urgent attention. He would call out,”#14-MO, #15-MOD.” Etc… Then one time as he called out,”#3-WFT, #4 MOD…” I said, “Wait can you repeat the surfaces again for #3?” He said, “#3-WFT.” I looked at the other assistant like, “what the hell is that?” She looks at me and says,”#3- Whole fucking tooth.” I still think its funny to this day over 10 yrs later…

  5. Meta Kaea

    hi, your style is amazing.Following your articles

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