9 Relatable Memes on Webinar that will make you Laugh!

Dr. Shruti Maroo

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While COVID-19 has reached its pandemic stage, webinars have definitely reached its epidemic stage. Dental world has been brimming with more and more free webinars from all over the world. Although we truly believe that this lock down is the best time to invest in yourself, and prepare for a comeback later but at the same time, itโ€™s hard to ignore that dentists haven’t lost their funny bone even in the face of a pandemic like COVID-19.

So here are some of the best memes that we have come across on Internet about webinars:

Currently the most viral epidemic in India is webinars
When anarkali feels like sleeping after all the houshold work!!
Your webinar rocked!!
What do u prefer? Winebar or webinar

Hope these made you chuckle! Stay home, stay safe! And keep washing your hands!

P.S.: In case you don’t relate to these memes, you can check the list of upcoming webinars ๐Ÿ˜‰

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