A mouthguard that can reveal early signs of decay & periodontitis

Chinese researchers have developed a mouthguard that can detect early signs of periodontitis & tooth decay.

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This mouth guard, that can reveal early signs of decay & periodontitis, is made from zinc oxide-poly(dimethlysiloxane) (ZnO-PDMS) nanocomposite material that reacts with the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) such as hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan released by anerobic bacteria in the mouth.

This mouth guard, when worn for 7 hours, eliminates fluorescence in areas where volatile Sulphur compounds are released. Thus, it flags the sites where dentists might need to take closer look.  (Reported by – Chemistry World).

Biomedical engineer Jianahua Zhou, from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, also said that the mouthguard’s low cost, long-term stability and good patient compliance makes it a suitable diagnostic aid for halitosis. Also, it can be worn anytime of the day prior to the appointment as it is transparent in nature.

It is a very innovative invention for halitosis detection considering that existing methods are either unable to localize emissions to a particular part of the mouth, or calls for an expensive and bulky gas chromatography equipment. It is predicted that a mass production of these  mouthguards would cost around $3–$4.50.


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